Our Mission

We started Choose Health in 2018 with a single mission, to empower one million people to improve at least one key marker of internal health.

We’ve been in the health and nutrition industry for over 15 years and understand how difficult it can be to find reliable answers. We were consistently frustrated by the amount of conflicting advice and opinions on what is good and bad for our health.

Our bodies are complicated but understanding how to keep them healthy doesn't have to be. Take control and advance your journey toward better health today.

- Mark

Leadership Team

Mark Holland


Sam Garst


Seph Reed


Medical Team

Our team has over 50 years of experience in preventative healthcare.

Dr. Bob Teague, MD

Dr. Bob Teague is a pulmonary and internal-medicine specialist, with over 20 years experience as the chief executive in healthcare information, medical technology and services.

Dr. Alan Farrell, MD, MSc

Alan has worked at the cutting edge of international sports medicine and clinical practice for the past 15 years

Dr. Conor Murphy, MD

Conor is a medical doctor with a research focus on nutrition and quality of life and is the head of research at Choose Health

Dr. Robyn Heister, MD

After starting her career in emergency room care, Robyn spent time at the center for human longevity where she used precision medicine to optimize human health.

Our Principles

Our team has over 50 years of experience in preventative healthcare.

Privacy & Security

Your data is yours to own and no one elses. We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data.


Understanding what’s happening inside your body is the first step towards improving it. We’ll help you learn about your markers so you can make personalized and informed decisions.


We have an unbiased focus on giving you the most actionable feedback on how to improve your health based on the latest scientific research.


You need accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions on your health. We are committed to using the highest grade technology to give you clinically accurate results.


What comes with the service?

Choose Health is an at-home health tracking service that allows you to track key markers of internal health (collected with a simple prick of your finger) and learn how your diet, exercise and lifestyle are impacting your markers so you can make more informed decisions on your health journey.

What markers can I test?

You can personalize your test to track the markers that are most relevant to you. If you don't know which markers you want to test, our team of doctors will help recommend which might be most relevant to you based on your lifestyle, goals and family history.

Who should take this test?

If you would like to learn how your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, drinking and family history are impacting your long-term health you should take this test.

Is my data safe?

Yes. We use the highest standards in end-to-end encryption and comply with the strictest standards for HIPAA compliance. We firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone.

What labs are used to process my test?

We've partnered with the same nationally accredited labs that your doctors use.

How much do the tests cost?

Testing starts at $30 and goes up from there. The price of your test will depend on the markers that you select to test.

Does Choose Health do DNA testing?

Choose Health is an at-home blood testing service. We do not offer DNA testing and your sample will never be stored or saved for the purpose of testing your DNA.